West Berkshire Crematorium Supports Local Charities

West Berkshire Crematorium Supports Local Charities

West Berkshire Crematorium Supports Local Charities

West Berkshire Crematorium, near Thatcham, is donating a total of £29,000 to five local charities which was raised through its metal recycling scheme.

With the consent of families, metals recovered during cremation are recycled and any money raised at each of the 34 crematoria and cemeteries nationwide operated by Westerleigh Group are used to support local worthy causes.

West Berkshire Crematorium has donated £10,000 to the Daisy’s Dream charity, £5,000 each to the Sue Ryder Duchess of Kent Hospice, Helen & Douglas House, and Mind, and £4,000 to Freely Fruity.

Stephanie Langford, Site Manager of the crematorium, said: “Since the donations come through the generosity of our families agreeing to recycle the metals, we try to give back to the community.

“Throughout each year, listening to families helps us to agree where to donate the money we’ve raised. This gives us a closer connection to the families and lets them know how much we wish to support them.

“The Duchess of Kent Hospice is not far from our crematorium and we care for a lot of families whose loved ones spent their final days there.

“Like many charities, the hospice has found things particularly difficult this year financially, because of the pandemic, so were we pleased to be able to give them some money.

“Daisy’s Dream is a local charity which supports families through terminal illness and bereavement. We’ve had very positive feedback about their work. They are a lifeline to many people, especially children who do not know how they should be dealing with grief.

“Freely Fruity are very local and supply local foodbanks by growing fruit and vegetables throughout the year. The demand for foodbanks has risen higher than ever during the pandemic.

“Not only to Freely Fruity help supply the foodbanks but they also help encourage healthy eating, reducing waste and reducing carbon emissions.

“Mind is more important than ever this year, too, as more and more people have suffered from mental illnesses, due to the additional stresses and pressures caused by the pandemic, but sadly many people feel they have no one to turn to.

“Mind makes sure that there is always someone available to talk to when they are needed.”

“While Helen & Douglas House is a bit further away from us, in Oxford, they offer a fantastic service to a lot of families in our area.

“They have continued through the pandemic to support terminally-ill children and their families, not only during the children’s final days but go on to provide support and care through bereavement.

“They provide a home from home, when it’s needed the very most.

“We chose these charities because we all have the same goal, which is to support and serve the local community, and we all work closely together to achieve this.

“These organisations all do such incredible work trying to enhance and make a positive difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, and it’s an honour to be able to provide them with some financial support”

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