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A guide to our Services

The Chapel - Service times, organist, music etc...
  • On arrival at the Crematorium Chapel, a uniformed member of our staff will attend the service to supervise the arrangements.
  • The Chapel will be clean and decorated with flowers. Heating will be provided during colder
    days, ie less than 20°C.
  • The Chapel can be altered to create a suitable environment for a service of any religion or belief.
  • An organist can be booked and tape and CD facilities are available in the Chapel.
  • A minimum period of 45 minutes will be allowed for the duration of each funeral in Chapel. Longer
    times can be arranged in advance.
  • Floral tributes from a funeral remain for two nights outside unless otherwise instructed.
  • Flowers can be donated for use in the Crematorium Chapel.

Code of Practice - Please click on a heading below for further information

Our Aims
  • To make sure every funeral service is regarded as a major event and receives the same priority as if it was for a member of one's own family or a civic or national dignity.
  • To provide improved facilities for the public, funeral directors, clergy and staff. We have spent considerable time and resources on building better facilities but it is important that we maintain them well so that the intended users get the benefit.
  • To provide a colourful, warm and comforting environment for mourners, clergy, funeral directors and staff, both within and outside the building. This includes landscaping to the grounds, particularly to ensure the maximum colour during the winter months.
  • Flexibility and adaptability. We exist for the benefit of the public and not the reverse.
  • Providing for different community groups to meet their needs. The differences between communities are something which we encourage as it displays our ability to be flexible and to create a funeral ceremony that people want.
  • Innovation - We want to anticipate people's needs and be open minded about what services we should provide. People's expectations are always changing and we must strive to keep up with, if not ahead of their demands.
  • If we don't meet these aims, please let us know. Our complaints' procedure is shown on the YOUR FEEDBACK page.

    West Berkshire Crematorium has established a code of practice for all of the services we perform.
    This is to maintain our standards at the, crematorium and across all the cemeteries in the borough and to allow families to evaluate the level of care shown by our staff. We recognise that this is often difficult as people may be organising a funeral for the first time and may not be aware of what to expect. We hope this website will help you.

A Cremation Service
  • Each body is cremated with the coffin, or shroud, within 24 hours of the funeral service.
  • Each body is cremated separately. All the cremated remains' are collected for each individual and reduced to ash.
  • The cremated remains/ashes are available for collection by the applicant (the person who arranged the cremation
  • service, normally a close relative) or Funeral Director the next working day after the funeral and on the same day in certain cases.
  • Anyone can choose to inspect the crematory (where the cremation takes place) upon application to the manager.
  • Information on what arrangements can be made for the dispersal of the ashes, or their safe storage at the Crematorium, will be sent to all applicants - within two weeks of the funeral.
  • A wide range of memorial choices will be provided within our gardens and Remembrance Room as well as for supply to your home. A trained member of staff is available to advise you on these matters.
  • Provision will be made to ensure that no funeral is delayed beyond three days of the requested date. This may involve the funeral taking place at the weekend or after 5pm on a weekday at no further cost. West Berkshire Crematorium abides by the FBCA's (Federation of British Cremation Authorities) code of conduct and is a member of the Charter for the Bereaved.
Grounds Maintenance

A contract outlining the expected standards of maintenance within the cemetery is available on request. In summary, its main points are: (note: 'daily' means Monday to Friday only).

  • The grass in each cemetery will be cut every 2-3 weeks between March and December (except in extraordinary weather conditions) as a minimum.
  • Bins to be emptied daily in those sections visited frequently.
    All major roads and paved areas to be swept/blown daily.
  • Toilets to be cleaned daily.
  • All groundsmen and women to wear identifying clothes. No monies are allowed to be taken by these operatives for work. All requests for work must be made to the office.

  • All staff to act with respect and sympathy in all matters relating to the care of the bereaved.
  • All administrative staff to wear identifying clothes and name badges.
  • All correspondence excluding requests for record searches to receive a reply within three working days. Record searches, primarily to locate the grave or resting place of a dead relative, will be carried out within 14 working days.
  • The Remembrance room containing the Book of Remembrance open every day of the year.
  • Disabled facilities will be provided and improved.